This blog is run by an actual Dwarf. It mostly consits of stuff related to "The Hobbit" and J.R.R. Tolkien in general. I have very soft spot for Dwarves and everything connected them, including Khuzdul and rather creative insults. Thorin Oakenshiled is the light of my life, and I'd defend him until the end. Balin's tomb is my tomb, and Dwarrwdelf and the scene in the Western Guardroom mean a lot to me because of reasons.
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I have a lot of feelings, so pleace be aware that crying over favourite characters, dead characters and broken characters happens.

 Ma ôhfûkizu kuthu khathuzh aslônî. Ni ma mahùlchùp agrîfumùn hi ya.

Marthe, English Lit student, chronic Niggler, overfond of Dwarves and dead fictional characters. Crying happens.

List of Favourite Characters - Thorin Oakenshield

I lost my way, twice. I wouldn’t have found it at all, had it not been for that mark on the door.”

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#HobbitEdit #Film: The Hobbit #The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey #Thorin Oakenshield #M. #Marthe's GIFs #AUJEdit #Favourite Characters Series #I wanted to just talk a bit about the scenes and quotes I used because although the colours in this set clash #I picked the scenes because to me they mean so much #Because Thorin is such a complex character and no he is not your typical hero and I don't think everybody would describe him as one #The thing with Thorin is that he is not flawless but he is flawlessly flawed and I think these scenes are so important to his character #Because yes he wants the gold that was taken from him but greedy doesn't define him #He loves his home and there's no choice for him and he wants to go home so badly and I think that's the main reason why he is against Bilbo #Bilbo has everything that Thorin wants and I think that Thorin is to a certain point blinded by it #Still he has a very big heart and you cannot deny it because he shows it over and over again #Does he want to admit it? Maybe not but it's not possible to blame him for it either #And he's so complex because his past affects the present and although he is proud and grumpy from time to time he is a good Dwarf #He is so flawlessly flawed and I think Richard did an amazing job and that is one of the many reasons as to why I love Thorin so much #I added the last quote about him getting lost not only because it's amazing but also as I think it's a good picture of his story in general #Yes he loses his way from time to time and he needs help from others like Bilbo and Gandalf #But he reaches his goal and although he didn't live to enjoy it he accepted it as other things were more important and that is what matters

List of Favourite Characters - Merlin

"I am a sorcerer. I have magic."

List of Favourite Characters - Margaret Hale

“I wish I could tell you how lonely I am. How cold and harsh it is here. Everywhere there is conflict and unkindness. I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I have seen hell and it’s white, it’s snow-white.”

List of Favourite Characters - Archie Kennedy

"If Mr. Hornblower has given his word… That holds good for me."

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#HornblowerEdit #TV: Hornblower #Archie Kennedy #Favourite Characters Series #Marthe's GIFs #M. #I knew that I would be very stupid if I did not begin the Meme thing with Archie himself #Because of all the characters that I love he may just be my absolute favourite #And these GIFs are just a few of the brilliant Archie moments because I only used GIFs from Retribution #Horatio is supposed to be the hero and get all the glory and so on - because he is the main character - but then you have Archie #And in my opinion it is Archie who is the true hero in the series #Not only does he have all of these amazing qualities but he is the one who panics but still keeps fighting on in his way #And really he proves that you do not have to be like Horatio in order to be the hero - if you only do what you believe is right it can be on #And the reason why I added the quote about Dr Clive is because Archie is able to point out the obvious in an insightful way #He is the only one who managed to keep his wits about him the WHOLE time and actually do something because he has this sense of justice #He overlooked the Swayer's achievements and he was the only one who saw the truth all along #And that's exactly why Clive was such a great fool - He did not understand the danger he was causing by denying to see the real Sawyer #And I don't believe for a second that Archie pushed the Captain #He took the blame because he knew he was dying and if nobody took the blame Horatio his best friend - would hang #And that is why the seventh GIF is always killing me because it seems as if he is saying 'Sorry' or 'It's done' to Horatio #Because Archie kept his wits about him and did what had to be done #So if anybody ever did their duty and more - It was Archie #And that is why I love him
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