This blog is run by an actual Dwarf. It mostly consists of stuff related to "The Hobbit" and J.R.R. Tolkien in general. I have very soft spot for Dwarves and everything connected them, including Khuzdul and rather creative insults. Thorin Oakenshiled is the light of my life, and I'd defend him until the end. Balin's tomb is my tomb, and Dwarrwodelf and the scene in the Western Guardroom mean a lot to me because of reasons.
No Elves allowed.

Currently reading:
"The Princess and the Goblin" by George McDonald

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"Vikings" (S1)
"Outlander" (S1)

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Hobbit Meme
Hobbit BTS Spam
100 Pictures from The Hobbit
100 Pictures from LotR

I have a lot of feelings, so please be aware that crying over favourite characters, dead characters and broken characters happens.

 Ma ôhfûkizu kuthu khathuzh aslônî. Ni ma mahùlchùp agrîfumùn hi ya.

Marthe, English Lit student, chronic Niggler, overfond of Dwarves and dead fictional characters. Crying happens.

New-ish promotional photos for The Hobbit

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